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ACP Composites designs and fabricates a variety of consumer-based composite sports equipment and recreational products. The high strength-to-weight ratio offers improved performance and durability for a variety of sports equipment and accessories.

The design flexibility and ease of carbon fiber and fiberglass composites allow us to mold and shape sports and recreation equipment and accessories to complex shapes with tight tolerances and superior dimensional stability. Carbon fiber composites offer exceptional cosmetic flexibility, which allows us to provide stylish alternatives and stunning appearances that look as great as they perform.

High-Performance Sporting Goods with Composite Materials
The exceptional design flexibility of composite materials allows ACP to precisely fabricate a variety of complex shapes, parts and accessories for both structural applications and components in the sports and recreations industries.

  • Pickleball Paddles
  • Archery Components
  • Sport Equipment Reinforcements
  • Surf & Snowboard Accessories
  • Kayaks / Canoes Tubes & Paddles
  • Drone & R/C Parts
  • And more…

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Benefits and Advantages of Composite Materials

Composite materials in sports and recreational equipment and accessories have numerous advantages and benefits due to their superior properties.

  • Design flexibility due to its high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Low electrical conductivity
  • Durable with high resistance to fatigue
  • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Low radar and microwave absorption
  • Excellent damping, resiliency, and shock attenuation
  • Excellent cosmetic finish
  • Ease of cleaning

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