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At ACP Composites, we understand the importance of forming vendor alliance and collaborative partnerships with schools and universities to further the study and research of advanced composite materials.

More universities and engineering departments are adding advanced material and composite classes and programs to their curriculums and are dedicated to developing and foster enriching and lasting partnerships. Whether it is supplying advanced composite materials for universities, supporting a research fellow with research, or donating raw materials to a student engineering teams, ACP Composites is the perfect partner to collaborate and support all your composite material needs.

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Partnership Experiences

The following are just some of the ways ACP Composites has collaborated with universities and student organizations:

  • Society of Automotive Engineering
  • Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Departments
  • Material Science Programs
  • Solar-Powered Vehicles
  • Student Clubs and Team Projects
  • Robotics and Rocketry
  • Race Teams
  • Research Fellowships and Teams
  • Actual Teams/ universities, team pictures, project pictures
  • And more…

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