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Carbon Fiber Products for Industrial & Robotic Automation


ACP Composites specializes in manufacturing complex parts and components using composite materials to bring innovative robotic ideas to life. We design and manufacture carbon fiber composite parts for industrial and robotics applications that reduce weight and increase structural stiffness.

By replacing traditional materials with composite materials in industrial applications, our customers can improve efficiency without sacrificing strength, speed or accuracy. This improves both production rate and uptime and reduces maintenance and repair cycles.

Solutions for Industrial & Robotics Industry
As industrial applications and robotics technology develop at a rapid pace, ACP Composites utilizes the benefits of carbon fiber and other composite materials to deliver environmental, production, and cost advantages to our Industrial & Robotic customers.

Composite materials can be shaped and molded in ways that traditional materials cannot. ACP Composites has over 30 years of experience manufacturing high-performing products and parts including:

  • Robotics and automation components
  • Composite panels and laminates
  • Laser survey tripod stands
  • GPS survey carbon fiber tubes
  • Solar panel reinforcements
  • And more…

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Increased Efficiency with Composite Parts

Carbon fiber composite materials provide a superior strength-to-weight ratio and the design flexibility to be used for a wide range of industries including industrial and robotics, aerospace and defense, medical and radiology, marine, sports applications, and more.

Lightweight carbon fiber composites offer exceptional material properties and can be used to create high-performing products and parts for industrial and robotic automation applications. Benefits include:

  • High-tensile strength and structural stiffness
  • Low thermal expansion and electrical conductivity
  • Excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance
  • Reduced energy and material costs
  • Speed and precision, rapid acceleration and deceleration
  • Increased production rate and uptime
  • Reduced maintenance cycles
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Excellent damping, resiliency and shock attenuation

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