Aerospace Composite Manufacturing


   Composite Materials for the Aerospace Industry

ACP Composites fabricates and manufactures lightweight, high-performance, customized aerospace, and UAV parts and components.  As an AS9100-certified company, ACP manufactures lightweight, high-performance composite solutions to meet today’s rigorous aerospace industry standards.


Aerospace Design Capabilities with Composite Materials

With the use of lightweight, advanced carbon fiber and aerospace-grade composite materials, ACP Composites will continue to offer innovative, practical, & feasible solutions for all aerospace, aeronautical, and UAV applications. Our team of experts works closely with you to move your product from drawing design to production.


Together we: 

  • Review plans and CAD drawings
  • Select the best materials from extensive inventory and supplier network
  • Rapidly produce high-quality composite parts
  • Expertly machine your parts
  • Skillfully finish parts as needed
  • Precisely assemble your parts
  • Deliver your quality product on schedule
  • Meet your project budget

Your Plan, Our Production

For the aerospace and UAV industry, ACP Composites has the expertise, experience and equipment to fabricate and manufacture specialized and custom parts and components that meet and exceed industry standards, such as: 


  • Rocket nose cones
  • Aircraft interiors
  • Aircraft and rocket body fairings
  • Rocket raceway covers
  • Aircraft emergency chute components
  • Outer covers for first and second-stage spacecrafts
  • UAV patches, covers, mounting plates, and structures
  • Composite wingtips and bulkheads

The Right Aerospace Composite Materials

The carbon fiber and other composite materials used by ACP Composites are ideal for making precision aerospace components and UAV parts. Our materials:


  • Significantly decrease airframe weight
  • Increase fuel efficiency and carbon footprint 
  • Resist fatigue, corrosion, chemicals, shock 
  • Enhance structural strength and durability
  • Improve flight performance 
  • Lower maintenance costs 


Why ACP Composites


For almost four decades, ACP has expertly engineered, skillfully manufactured, and rigidly tested high-quality, high-performing, long-lasting, customized composite materials for the aerospace industry.   In addition, ACP delivers custom parts and components to a wide range of industries, including medical and radiology, sports and recreational, military and defense, industrial, robotics and transportation.


We’re certified experts in solving technical and design challenges the aerospace industry faces and delivering the components you require on schedule, to specification, and within budget. We’re also a family business operating in an aspirational culture devoted to forging meaningful customer relationships, encouraging continued learning and improvement, and valuing employees.


ACP Composites is your perfect aerospace composite manufacturing partner for fabricating custom parts and components.

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Composite Material Advantages in Aerospace

Due to their exceptional material properties, carbon fiber and other composite materials are ideal for aerospace components and UAV parts.

  • Enhanced structural strength and durability
  • Significantly reduced airframe weight (upwards of 70%)
  • Improved flight performance and efficiency
  • Increased fuel and energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint
  • Superior design flexibility
  • High stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Low radar and microwave absorption
  • Excellent damping, resiliency, and shock attenuation

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