Composite Materials for the Medical & Radiology Industry


   Carbon Fiber Solutions for Medical and Radiology Applications

ACP Composites fabricates and manufactures lightweight, high-performance medical and radiology parts and components. Lightweight carbon fiber composites offer exceptional physical properties such as strength, stiffness, fatigue resistance, and radiolucency, making them ideal for medical-grade applications, including X-ray technology, surgical equipment, and diagnostic devices.


Your Plan, Our Production

We’re an AS9100-certified company with vast industry experience and keen process knowledge. Our team of experts works closely with you to move your product from drawing design to production while delivering environmental and cost advantages while meeting industry requirements.

Together we:


  • Review plans and CAD drawings
  • Select the best materials from an extensive inventory
  • Rapidly produce high-quality composite panels
  • Expertly machine your parts
  • Skillfully finish parts as needed
  • Precisely assemble your parts
  • Deliver your quality product on schedule
  • Meet your project budget
Technology in the medical and radiology industry develops at a rapid pace and we’re here to help you stay current. ACP Composites has the expertise, experience, and equipment to fabricate and manufacture specialized and custom medical and radiology parts and components that meet and exceed industry standards, such as:
  • X-ray detector covers
  • Radiolucent accessories
  • Fixturing devices
  • Orthopedic components
  • Radiation treatment tables
  • Patient positioning devices
  • And more…

The Right Materials for Composite Manufacturing in Medical & Radiology

The composite materials used by ACP Composites is ideal for making precision medical and radiology equipment and components. Using our composite materials in the medical and radiological industry delivers:
  • High-tensile strength and structural stiffness
  • Low X-ray and Gamma attenuation
  • Less patient and technician exposure level
  • Less scatter and distortion
  • Low thermal expansion and electrical conductivity
  • Exceptional fatigue and corrosion resistance
  • Design flexibility due to its high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Outstanding damping, resiliency, and shock attenuation
  • Excellent solvent and heat resistance

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Why ACP Composites for Medical & Radiology

For almost four decades, ACP has expertly engineered, skillfully manufactured, and rigidly tested high-quality, high-performing, long-lasting, customized composite materials for the medical and radiology industry. In addition, ACP delivers custom parts and components to a wide range of other industries, including aerospace, sports and recreational, military and defense, industrial, robotics and transportation.

We’re certified experts in solving technical and design challenges, and in delivering the components you require on schedule, to specification, and within budget. We’re also a family business operating in an aspirational culture devoted to forging meaningful customer relationships, encouraging continued learning and improvement, and valuing employees.

ACP Composites is your perfect medical and radiology composite manufacturing partner for fabricating custom parts and components.

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