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Satellite Composite Manufacturing Solutions


   Satellite Composite Manufacturing Solutions 

ACP Composites specializes in developing a range of solutions for satellite manufacturers 


As an AS9100 certified company, ACP fabricates and manufactures lightweight, high-performance payload solutions to meet the growing demand for satellites from the government, commercial, and military sectors.


We specialize in tailored composite structures for space including solutions for payloads, satellites, solar arrays and more.  


  • Satellite
  • Cube Satellites
  • Micro Satellites
  • Earth Observation
  • LEO Satellites (Low Earth Orbit)
  • Solar Arrays/Structures
  • Communications Satellites
  • Payloads and Payload Panels
  • Space and Airborne Electro-Optical Sensor Systems
  • Orbital Satellites



Small Sat Symposium: TBD
February 6-8, 2024
Mountain View, CA

Satellite 2024: TBD
March 18-21, 2024
Washington, DC

AUVSI Xponential: TBD
April 22-25, 2024
San Diego, CA

SpaceTech Expo: TBD
Los Angeles, CA

Small Sat Conference: TBD
August 3-8
Logan, UT

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ACP Composites has expertly engineered, skillfully manufactured, and rigidly tested satellite composite parts and components within the industry. Let us use our fabrication and manufacturing expertise, experience and equipment to deliver the components you require on schedule, to specification and within budget.

  • Aluminum Honeycomb Panels
  • Carbon Structures
  • Assembled Honeycomb Structures
  • Inserts and Fixturing
  • Composite Tubes

We have extensive experience with all composite materials used in the industry. We can advise on optimal materials for your application ensuring they meet performance and quality requirements at the lowest cost.

  • Fabric (Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar)
  • Prepreg (Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass)
  • Honeycomb (aluminum, plastic, Nomex)
  • Foam (polyurethane, PVC, ABS & others)
  • Film adhesive and ancillary production materials
  • Composite tubes, rods, laminates and panels
ACP Composites’ state-of-the-art production facility spans 33,000 square feet and features the equipment essential to an advanced composites manufacturing company. Some fundamental pieces of equipment include: 
  • Autoclaves
  • Curing Ovens
  • Laminates Presses
  • 3 & 5 Axis Machine Centers
  • ROMER Absolute Arms
  • Virtek LaserQC Inspection
  • Virtek Laser Edge Projection Systems
  • and more



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Livermore, CA



33,000 ft

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Satellite Composites FAQ's

What are the advantages of using composite materials in satellite manufacturing?

Composite materials offer lightweight and high-strength properties, making them ideal for reducing satellite weight and improving overall performance. They also provide excellent thermal and dimensional stability, resistance to corrosion, and design flexibility.

Are ACP Composites' products suitable for space environments?

Yes, our composite solutions are designed and tested to meet the rigorous requirements of space environments. We offer resin systems with low outgassing properties and vacuum compliant structures to ensure optimal performance and durability in space applications.

Can ACP Composites manufacture custom composite structures for specific satellite payloads?

Absolutely. We specialize in producing tailored composite structures for various satellite payloads, including payload decks, panels, and frames. Our team works closely with customers to understand their unique requirements and deliver customized solutions.

Do you provide thermal solutions for satellites?

Yes, we offer composite materials and expertise for thermal applications in satellite manufacturing. Our high-temperature curing capabilities allow us to produce parts suitable for demanding thermal environments, ensuring efficient heat management for satellites.

How can I get in touch with ACP Composites for satellite composite manufacturing inquiries?

You can reach out to us by visiting our website and using our contact form or by calling our dedicated customer service team. We are ready to assist you with any questions or requests related to satellite composite manufacturing.

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